Gentoo Running On W11

Gentoo does not hold your hand during the install, yes @abhishek instructions will be welcomed, along with all the others whom have wriiten Gentoo install instructions. The fact is, the Gentoo Handbook Wiki is one of the best, what worked yesterday, in the most parts, still works and applies today. I could go on, but until one has the desire to learn Gentoo, then I would suggest running something like Ubuntu. I got the Gentoo fever, going on five years ago, and I learn something each time I do a Gentoo install.
Fire VirtualBox up and be a part of writing new-up-to-date Gentoo instructions, like on how to compile “sys-devel/gcc-12.2.1_p20230121-r1”
It has been compiling for 5hrs now, and has not finished.

If this is your first go at Gentoo, I would strongly suggest A VM. If you do bare-metal, then do it on a machine that is not for everyday use. If you would post me your machine’s specs, I could give you more details on how to proceed. Your members would not want you to loose your machine from a Gentoo install error!!!

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Yes it is a classic. There is nothing incorrect in there, and a determined person like you can learn lots from it, because it is fundamental stuff.
Trouble is few people read classics, let alone relive them every time they do an install. That is the challenge for @abhishek .

A bare-metal install just adapts Gentoo to the machine specs that you are installing too, each machine and user can be slightly different, there is no one-size-fit-all install. A VM is for learning, bare-metal is long-term, if you do not screw up your machine in the process.

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Good advice. I’ll try with VM first and then switch to bare metal.

I still need your specs!!!