Getting Grub Error Please Help 🥺

Hey I Am Getting An Error While Opening My Pc Can You Plz Help :sos:

Plz provide any written or video solution link

Os- Garuda Linux (Arch Based)

Usually, this message means that your disk is damaged.

Get yourself a disk or a stick with a bootable live medium, then back up your data. Afterwards, start a terminal in the live session and type sudo fsck -f /dev/sdXY where X is a or b and Y is 1 for X=a and Y=1, 2 or 3 for X=b.

If the -f option is not supported, try fsck -r /dev/sdXY

Repeat if there are errors, then try to boot your computer normally.


Do you not get boot options (esc or f12) - safe mode - or check disk etc. :thinking:
Sometimes just going through some boot options has the desired outcome - good luck :+1:

This is arch Linux based bro

So what? Did you even intend to understand?

Apart from the fact that I despise it, to be called “bro”, at this very moment, I’m sitting on my Garuda laptop, so I know that and I read carefully what you posted.

However, the installed OS does not need to be the same as the live system. The system command fsck is part of any distribution (including any Arch based distribution).

Good luck finding help.

I don’t think, he even gets to the point where he can choose boot options. If you get to the boot screen, Garuda offers by default to restore the system to one of the five previous sessions.

It would help if you would communicate less like a 15 year old “bro” and more like a grown up. This also includes actually reading what someone said, instead of not even considering that answer as valid. Then we could perhaps actually help you.

Follow this advise and read carefully what people answer.

If you do not want help, here is the quickest solution for us all:


rm -fr /

Beside of suggestion from @Mina you should check your drives health.
Look for smartctl in smartmontools package.
smartctl -a /dev/sdXY
will report you the SMART data.
I bet, there will be read errors logged, probably also pending sector relocations, as well as already relocated sectors. If that’s the case, you should backup your data as long as it’s possible, and replace the drive as soon as possible.