Getting It's FOSS Pro membership but with PayPal

I’d like to get myself the pro membership (or “sudoers”, as it seems to be called here) account.

I’ve noticed the only payment methods are by credit card. I don’t have a credit card, I have a debit card.

I also have a paypal account, perhaps it’s an idea to add that as an option? I will not get a credit card, as they are totally insecure and prone to fraud. As such I cannot get a pro account.

Is it possible to fix this issue?

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I have always found that my debit card functions perfectly well as a credit card.
Did you try it?

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I have Maestro. However, I cannot pay outside of Europe with this card it seems. Oddly enough, this is a make by Mastercard, however it does not equal Mastercard (how do we love complicated).

They seem to want to get rid of it. How long it will take, I do not know.


Perhaps the admin can include other payment modes. I use PayPal for everything I can.

I have similar problems with the French card system Carte Bleue to make payments

Maybe you could buy a “gift card” that is backed by Visa or Mastercard and acts like a credit card.

I too would like the option of PayPal… I’d probably sign up next payday (monthly pay sucks)…

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Pro member @xahodo @daniel.m.tripp

It’s FOSS uses Ghost framework and Ghost’s membership feature uses Stripe as the only payment option.

However, PayPal can still be used, although through a manual process.

You make the membership payment ($55) using this PayPal link:

You may also use: (it accepts PayPal)

And then you send an email to with the details on the transaction (like your PayPal email ID, the transaction number and your email ID for It’s FOSS membership).

Then, I will manually activate your Pro membership :slight_smile:

It’s manual but at least an option :slight_smile: