GIF maker for 18.04

I want to try making animated GIFs ( smilies ). All I need to do is combine 2 or 3 images into GIF. What will be the best way to do it ?

PS : I would prefer a transparent background

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Maybe overkill, but The GIMP has the tools to produce animated gifs.
It seems not too complicated.
Tried it myself.


i have read that as well and have been meaning to try it. i have also read (also have not tried yet though) that imagemagick can take care of this through the command line.

edit a few months later: the android app i originally recommended installed a lock screen ad on my phone that was all in korean (which i don’t read. i can only assume the creators do) so i uninstalled it. it was a good app, but not worth the possibly unintelligible ad in my opinion :slight_smile: i deleted that link from here as well.

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Thank you all. I found the GIMP method much easier. All you have to do is

  1. Open as layers

  2. Export as GIF

  3. Tick animation and set delay to 1000 ms

Make sure you have ticked animation and loop indefinitely


Just for completion @01101111 , I found the app “Fissure” in F-Droid…


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