GIMP flatpak plugins - where are they stored

I am using GIMP 2.10.24 (Flatpak) with GMIC Flatpak Plugin on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

My GMIC plugin occasionally vanishes from GIMP Filters menu. Last time it did that I just reinstalled flatpak and it turned up again.

Where do GIMP flatpak plaugins reside, and does the GIMP → preferences → Folders have to point to those folder?

That was the rule when I was using GIMP from the official Ubuntu repository. But when I moved to flatpaks, I am not sure if the same rule applies (because flatpak is a sandboxed???) I am not a techie, but have some knowledge of CLI. I read a post somewhere that GIMP flatpak plug-ins like GMIC, Resynthesizer, Liquid Rescale etc. are now installed by default with flatpak GIMP. But could not find a clear description of where GIMP flatpak plugins are located and what changes (if any) are needed in GIMP flatpak preferences/folders to use them.

I didn’t use the Flatpak install as I ran across too many issues online with it.
You can put the plugins anywhere you like as long as you tell GIMP where they are.
Hope this helps.

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Have discovered this link that seems to have some answers embedded within itself.

Looks like-
(1) flatpak gimp plugins are packaged and installed differently. Not sure if those folders must be listed in the GIMP–Preferences–folders. Probably not??
(2) The method to install non-flatpak plugins by specifying the relevant plugin folders in GIMP preferences still works.

Not sure if these conclusions are correct. Will explore further.

More and more I can see Synaptic getting pushed away and these massive in size buggy FlatPaks and Snap Packages taking over. I have GIMP installed via Deb file, so much easier and more comfortable in knowing that it ain’t going to bug out. The problem is, is if you’re using the FlatPak version, then because it ain’t installed locally other things goes wrong. Me personally have given FlatPak and Snap Packages the cold shoulder, as from day one they have never worked and I stand by my reckoning of them ending up like Ubuntu’s Store of years ago, it was a buggy mess, even though with every new release of Ubuntu they promised the Ubuntu Store was fixed, it never was and everyone went to Synaptic Package Manager, where everything just works.

Deb files are what Ubuntu Linux understands as it is Debian based, yet everyone at Canonical are supporting this new buggy technique of Snaps and FlatPaks, which is again turning out to be a buggy mess (Words Of The Day Buggy Mess) :grinning:

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What refrains me to use flatpack is that the files are way too big to download; and remove it if you are not happy with what is inside is a true hell, a lot of stuff is left behind. Now, if I want to try something quickly without cheating my system, I download and run appimage files. I know it places its params in the .config dir, and If I am ok with the software inside this appimage, I use to install it per its natural way, debian files then simply delete the appimage. I do not understand the Linux guys who want to get rid with apt or even Appimage which is practical to use.
Best regards

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AppImages are excellent they work tremendously, the only gripe I have with them is they don’t display as your chosen theme, dark theme your using. Other than that they’re brilliant.

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