Github Pull Requests

I added a comment on Github Issue about adding the newest Lenovo Yoga 6 to the tablet issue there and was asked to send a PR. I gathered it is a Pull Request. But I didn’t get very far as I could not see how to actually add a new one. Saw a lot for other tablet/notebooks, but I need help in understanding how to submit one. I have no data other than what I output in terminal to see what was coming up for my drivers, but had simply asked for the make/model with Wacom HID # to be added.

I looked at the doc, but that seemed to be a fresh issue and I assume they want me to add to this

So a bit confusing for a noob. Any help in getting this done would be a great resource for me as well as others new to the github procedures.


Hey Sheila, did you figure this out? I can help you but I am on vacation so I can’t confirm the steps on a computer - and to be honest it would be a bit easier to help you if we were on a call or instant messaging. Let me know.