Giveaway of VPN license

I know how much VPNs are in demand and by accident I found a usually paid VPN giving away licenses for at least 1 year for free:

Doesn’t seem like a good VPN, but I guess it does basic VPN stuff, like unblocking websites, etc.
If you are desperate for a VPN and need one for light VPN situations, you could use this one. However, if you need a serious solution, I would rather recommend paying for one, because free VPNs/Proxies are usually just really bad. I just hope this is better, as it is not always free. :smiley:

That said, you should definitely put some e-mail address for spam in the questionnaire, because I expect spam from this website publishing this giveaway…

No support for Linux? :rage:

I don’t know, just found it randomly on the internet. Don’t use it myself.

ProtonVPN for Linux.

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