Gnome-Boxes and MXLinux

Very happy with the newest MXLinux, but the installed Gnome-Boxes stumbled over ‘virtualization not allowed–check your BIOS.’ So I did. Virtualization was indeed permitted.

Time for the bigger hammer. I found Boxes in MX Package Manager (even though it was included in the installation) and installed it. The installation runs without a hitch, except for the new Deepin, which wants 64G of installation space (Boxes allocates 20G).

I wondered why MXLinux included Boxes in the installed packages but won’t let it run. I wondered why the Package Manager could install it without some kind of ‘already installed’ notice. Is it a failure of my character that I’ve stopped wondering?

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Hi Bill,
I wonder if the message means something other than what it seems to say?
My guess… the installation of Boxes in the MX distro is faulty.
What is this about Deepin?.. is that your DTE? It might be safer to use Gnome if you want Boxes.

I was impressed with MX too, but I have it with KDE. That is a fine combination.
The MX packages system is a bit confusing… there are several repositaries, some Debian, some native MX, and something else ( I cant remember). I think it would get Boxes from the Debian repository.

Not sure what determines if your machine can run VM. I think there are some functions needed in the CPU or MMU… Some old machines cant do it.

Good questions. To clarify, I’m using MX with KDE (the newest Plasma is great). I’ll go to the MX forum and ask why the included Boxes doesn’t work and the installation from MX Package Manager is fine–the menu only lists one rather than two copies of Boxes to double the mystery. I’ll report any responses. And, yes, I stepped through the BIOS settings until I found the one to allow virtual machines. I was born at night, but not last night.

Happy Fall/Spring!

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