Gnome Boxes is a revelation!

I’m not sure how to categorize this flash opinion, but here goes. I’ve never been comfortable using a virtual machine–never been quite sure about all the decisions and controls. That probably is due to laziness. And it’s so easy to just load a live distro to try it out. Ventoy was an improvement, of course, for the distro shopper. But then I popped in Fedora 35 for a trial spin (using Ventoy) and discovered Boxes.

Nobody ever told me how cool it is, how easy and how simple! So get a good laugh at my silliness, but I’d like any opinions anyone has to offer. Do you find Boxes a useful tool, as I do?

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I agree with you. For years I worked mainly with virtual box. When I turned back from Mac to Linux with my new skimbook I put on garuda gnome and found boxes. Great, really great

Quite true. GNOME Boxes is super cool but heavily underrated application. Got to highlight it on It’s FOSS.

When I used to use Gnome-Boxes years ago, I used to get a Qemu error on main machine, though that was back in 16.04. I have not tried it out since, thinking that the error might come back.

I just installed KDE Neon into Boxes…It says it is connected to the network, but no internet; is that unusual? I say that because it appears to be able to browse the internet. :thinking: :upside_down_face:
Meaning, does the virtual box environment cause it to act that way?