Gnome Classic and Gnome Fallback

What is the difference between two ? Which one is maintained ? Will it consume less resource than Lubuntu as a DE ?

Found this

Looks like Gnome Classic is normal Gnome + some extensions.

the releases page for gnome flashback shows:

Stable Releases

This is a list of currently supported releases.

GNOME Flashback 3.22

This release corresponds to the GNOME 3.22.x release series.

Release Date: 2016-10-06

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I was trying to reduce the memory consumption if possible. Looks like Lubuntu is the best choice for now. Or go back to 16.04.

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i haven’t worked with lxqt much. i am running xfce with manjaro and fedora and that is definitely light. fedora with gnome was sticky and slow on my single core celeron machine with 2 gb of ram. xfce only really has issues with firefox.


MATE is lightweight (<500MB at new installation, idle), and is powerful and easy to learn. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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I was told that in 18.04 it is not qt yet. It starts from 19.10.

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Lubuntu without anything running shows 574 MB on Task Manager.

I heard Gnome Classic is 1 + GB and Fallback uses old packages.

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fair point. i prefer lts versions myself. i suppose i was just thinking if i were switching, i would want something that would be around for more than three years. that does give you time to find something else though.

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I doubt that any form of Gnome will consume less resources than the Lubuntu desktop (can’t remember if it’s still LXDE, or has changed to LXQt, but both designed to be lightweight).

If you want to go for something really lightweight, you could try a minimal install (i.e. with no desktop included), and just add a window manager (e.g. Openbox, IceWM) and the basic tools (text editor, file manager, panel). Arch, and its derivatives, certainly offer a minimal installation, and I believe Ubuntu does as well.

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