Gnome dropping support for desktop icon

Does anyone know why such a decision was made ? I have been using desktop icons since I started using PC in late 90s. Suddenly someone decides that it is not a good thing to have.

Here’s their official ‘statement’ :


The problem is we cannot tell a lot of people with computer background to forget the idea of desktop and desktop icons.

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bodhi doesn’t use desktop icons and it did take me a little while to get used to. that being said, now my home folder is as messy as my desktop used to be :slight_smile: i do like being able to launch the menu from anywhere on the desktop instead of having to track to the start button to get it to pop up. there are pros and cons as with most changes in life :slight_smile:

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Ubuntu seems to make a lot of hair-brained decisions like this one. You could use an alternate distribution based on Ubuntu like Linux Mint. Cooler heads seem to prevail there.

If you’d rather stick it out on Ubuntu, you might consider exploring alternative Desktop Managers. It’s really a lot of fun. Cinnamon and Mate are full-featured desktop manager like you are used to. If you want something a little lighter, consider xfce4.

If you’d like to go retro, there are many choices. My favorite among them is PekWM. It’s simple and light.


I have used Cinnamon on Ubuntu some time back. The problem is, it breaks default unity-desktop. It came to a point when I couldn’t use both and switch according to my choice.

It’s a good thing - I detest desktop icons - I spend probably an hour a week just removing them from my Windows 10 laptop at work - I don’t delete them - just plop them in a folder…
Seriously - too many icons on desktop will slow you computer down… especially in Windows…
Seeing a desktop covered in icons looks like a ghastly fungal infection :smiley:



Seeing a desktop covered in icons looks like a ghastly fungal infection

Bwhhhaaaaaa, I always thought a bad case of measles, lol :rofl: