[grub rescue] Zorin Os problem please help

I was trying to install windows 11 after I installed Zorin Os, I plugged my bootable usb but whenever I go boot device option and select the device it just reboot everytime so I deleted Zorin Os partition and now it’s everytime boot in grub rescue I tried most article out there but nothing worked please help me.

Sounds like your system is messed up. Just restore the backup you created before executing such a critical task, where, of course, obviously, such a backup is mandatory. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sorry to say, I didn’t took any backup before that. I didn’t thought of something like this :sweat_smile::lying_face:

Sorry for this issue.
Historically, windows DEMANDS to be installed first.
If you have another HDD or can acquire one, it would be possible for you to install windows first and then your Zorin OS.
After ensuring full functionality, you could copy files from the current drive to wherever you want on the new drive.