Guidance to buy correct SSD for laptop to install Linux as dual boot

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This post is only indirectly related with Linux for installation purposes but based on dual boot. The real situation is about hardware.

I have this laptop: ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW it has a SSD of 512GB with Windows 10. According with the official specs (shared in the previous link) for the SSD, it is as follows:

2.5" 7mm SATA3
- 1TB HDD 5400 RPM
- 128GB SSD
- 256GB SSD
PCIE x 4 512G

I want buy a new SSD of 1TB to do dual boot with Linux. Now because the first line is - 2.5" 7mm SATA3 - I bought this SSD (as I did do for other laptops)

Sadly it was not correct. Once opened the laptop it has other technology of SSD. As follows the information as follows (sticker of the SSD itself)

P/N: MZVPV512HDGL-00000		
S/N: <doesnotmatter>		
Code Bars		
Model: MZ-VPV5120	    1543	
MSIP-REM-SEC-MZ-HPv120	REV 0	        SM951
RATED: DC+3.3V 2.7A	    F/W BXW7300Q	2015.10

The manufacturer is Samsung

Can you pls indicate me your best recommendation on Amazon to buy the correct SSD for this laptop? I want keep the same manufacturer and color branch - “blue”


  • The current specs indicates PCIE x 4 512G (yes, I didn´t read that part from the beginning) so theoretically it supports as maximum 512GB, but because the laptop was bought early at 2016 I am assuming that perhaps 1TB for SSD was not available yet or simply the specs is not updated
  • Furthermore, in the current specs is indicated about RAM its max capacity is 16GB but it is not true - at YouTube I confirmed through more of 5 comments the max capacity is 40GB, it according 8GB (soldered) + 32GB. So it brings me hope to try to buy 1GB for this laptop.

Thanks for your understanding.

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You will want to install a PCI-e SSD. Something like this should work:


Really Huge thanks for the quick answer

I will try to find the same model in my city to test it. I want to confirm two things at real time, the correct product and if really supports 1TB

Thank You

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Glad to be of help! Do reply here, if you have any further questions or concerns.


Thank You.

According with your experience, would be an issue about if the SSD is either Gen 3 or 4? I hope the Mobo really supports the Gen 4.

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Any Gen4 SSD should be backwards compatible with Gen3 motherboards, and Gen4 motherboard with Gen3 SSD.