Hacked email in my account

:confused: Somehow I received a WEIRD email. It appears it is from an Linux users of sorts.

Being that Linux is so very new to me, and I hardly know how to create a topic. I am Not sure this would be considered anything this Geek Group could help with?

Obviously I am out of my my element here. Considering; I maybe should go back to windows :cry:

The email appears to have names and user groups, connecting to a software pkg used on ubuntu. It is pages of lingo used in Linux, not making sense to me.

Ok, we are not a geek group, just users with experience of Linux in many different forms

Some technical stuff and some really easy basic stuff, and no question is silly or too easy.

Don’t go back to Windows that is a massive leap in the wrong direction

To answer your email question
If it’s from someone you don’t know then it could be spam or someone trying to get your details.
Never reply
Never give further details
You could just simply on your email system either block that sender or delete it (ask if you don’t know how to do that)

If still not sure
Copy the top part of the mail in replying to this and we will look and then advise
But we will need to know what mail system you use such as gmail, outlook, thunderbird… So many and all a little different
Still not sure let us know which Linux version you are on and what the icon looks like
More info is better to help you

You may get several ideas from our members in replying to your question

:+1: THANK YOU for you response.