Happy New Year, 2024! Here's What Will be 'New' on It's FOSS

Happy new year to all the FOSSome community members :slight_smile:

If you read the last FOSS Weekly, I had asked for suggestions on what It’s FOSS should write and do more in 2024.

Here are a few thing that I’ll try to do with It’s FOSS in 2024:

  • Organize more content into tutorial series formats (so that it is easy to follow a certain topic). A redesign for such pages in works.
  • Create ‘getting started guides’ for more distros (we have Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Manjaro and Nix so far)
  • Cover some basic AI and LLM topics (for the young students and those interested in it)
  • More basic tutorials based on reader’s problems (like creating slideshow of images, using OBS screen recording, editing screenshots etc)
  • Git and SSH (mainly for students)
  • Experiment and explore more (LVM install, various kinds of dual boots, Zfs, Btrfs, Samba sharing etc)
  • Raspberry Pi/SBCs and homelab/automation (for people who like to take matters into their hands)
  • More video tutorials

Let’s see how much of it I can achieve by the end of the year :grinning:

And if anyone wants to give me a helping hand, I am also going to revamp the community submission program. Which makes it easier for the community members to contribute their experience and expertise on It’s FOSS in tutorial/article format.

Here’s to an eventful 2024 :clinking_glasses:


I like that. You might need to review submitted articles… to try and screen out any misinformation and to keep the presentation to your standard.


Yes… not everything will be published outright without double checking… the topic needs to be okayed first and then the draft checked and then it gets published


I’m all for that as I just installed Fedora 39 and will be looking at others soon.

THIS…haven’t started yet and it’s on my To Do list before the end of the year, more like asap.

Thanks @abhishek for continuing to be my landing page for all things Linux.

Sheila Flanagan