Happy New Year!

Arch is easy!!!


Over fifty years ago I was C&C on this chopper, in sunny Vietnam!!!


Lex Fridman interviewed Neal Stephenson, and about 2 hour mark, we get into vi, and emacs, and shell scripts!

There’s yet another one where he interviews Brian Kernighan and they talk about UNIX and @Akito’s favourite thing C…

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Does not matter what distro is installed ( and that can change soo fast)
my desktop this setup I prefer, the wallpapers on rotation of few hours.
the most liked wallpapers I have are from Emags e.g. 3D Artist etc some very funny adverts etc,
put them through Gimp processes I’ve worked out.
The panels 1,2 &3 are usually hidden auto-hide - so clean desktop.
use the places/bookmarks on the folder to access anything anywhere,
Simple monitor on primary screen is a must have and that is it.

I’ve reduced image to half size

Have a Happy and Good 2023


I forgot to mention that that 'Being Creative" was a signage from a coffee shop in Stanthorpe Qld
they didn’t mind a photo taken converted from portrait to landscape and got me a new wallpaper.


I just realised after listening & reading the description, who that guy is. I actually started listening to Cryptonomicon a couple of weeks ago.

What he said about Emacs in regards to administrating a UNIX operating system is correct. You need that quick editor to quickly edit a configuration file.
Though, my approach goes a bit out of the box and questions the entire thing.
In my view, such a workflow is basically like running against a wall, head first, every morning & every single time after that you put a big patch on your forehead, just to repeat it again, next morning.
I’m saying, let’s stop running against walls. Id est let’s stop having this maintenance nightmare, where every operating system has thousands of configuration files put in a million different places.
Let’s start using declarative configurations. NixOS is a good attempt at solving the problem.

He also seems to be that UNIX type of guy, who likes to make life hard. Likes to go by foot, even when someone offers him a free ride home in a Ferrari.
For example, this whole grep and Regex madness in UNIX is obsolete & just makes life so complicated.

All that said, we have to put all this into context & consider, that this man is coming from a different time frame. So, I’m not “blaming” or “accusing” him of doing it those ways. I’m just saying, one shouldn’t see a role model in how he does it.

Do you refer to a different video? If yes, can you point to it? I’m interested in hearing about it.
If it is in this video, I missed it.

Brian Kernighan :

Lex Fridman’s main interests are Brazilian Ju Jitsu and AI… but he’s pretty “catholic” in what fascinates him…

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