Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Lets have some fun, share your screenshots!


you asked for it - my main desktop Linux machine is running 2 x QHD 32" monitors :


This is on my laptop running Pop! OS with the dock hidden on the left and Plank at the bottom.
Apps on the Plank dock are Settings, Pop!_Shop, Show Applications, Files, Terminal, Stellarium, VS Code, Firefox, and MS Edge.

I took this background picture at Yellowstone this year near Old Faithful.


Nice picture! Have you done any trout fishing?

I haven’t. There wouldn’t have been any in this spot because what you can’t see is it’s so hot it’s almost steaming.

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I believe this pic is from somewhere on the Greek Island Santorini, which I had the pleasure of visiting.
I use this pic for the background of my laptop. Linux Mint. Happy New Year.


Grey Wallabies ( small kangaroos) in our front paddock.
Use as background for my Debian/Gnome installation
You may notice I prefer menus to icons.
Happy New year everyone.


I’m a no icon kind of guy too.


I love icons but NOT on my desktop. I’m a panel guy. Over the years I collected tons of icons from the internet, sometimes even change them using Gimp and keep changing default icons, including systray. I use 4 panels + Docky. One reason I love Xfce is it’s so easy to do it. And Docky picks them up! (95% of the time…) Plank can’t do it!
Gimp is a super great program, too bad I only know about 20% of what it can do… :sleepy:


Yeah, I get panels when I use Xfce or Lumina. They are OK.
The Gnome icons annoy me. I setup an applications menu , that is better.

Yes Gimp is a teriffic program. Never used it on an icon. Only thing Gimp is deficient in is measuring objects in images. It needs a measurement addon.


one thing I love about this site - we don’t have distro zealots :

but Debian is still king ( :slight_smile: )

happy feckin 2023…

BTW I’m not an intellectual - but I’ve been watching science “podcasts” (I hate that word) this person is AMAZING (the Turkish micro / astro / biologist) Betül Kaçar :

Also watched Lex’s 2-4 hour session with one of my favourite “current” popular science authors : Richard Wrangham…

I’m in two minds about Lex, but I love his ability to deliberately, like a stoner, try to dumb things down, but NOT TOO DUMB! He’s a computer scientist after all…

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That is important.
Every distro, or app, or programming language has its fans, but we need to

  • appreciate diversity.
  • recognize good performers
  • be prepared to change

Astrobiology was started by Fred Hoyle. Have you read any of his books? Try “Our place in the Cosmos”

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Are they house trained!!!

I love icons!!!

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NICE!!! Need to see Yellowstone before I die!!!

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No , kangaroos are wild. Never been domesticated, but there are odd tame ones in zoo parks.
They are not common in our area. Inland they are everywhere , and larger species.




It’s called “Linux Developers”
I wonder why???


Hey folks , Wish you a happy new year :tada:
Here’s my Desktop PC running Ubuntu Focal Fossa


Im planning to use Arch Linux someday ,
Every distro has its pros and cons :penguin:

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Many of these Greek coastal pics are automatically produced as wall paper by installing - variety - sudo apt install variety
This app has been designed by a Bulgarian photographer
The app can be set up to show any pics you like as wallpaper,also by changing the wallpaper every 5 minutes,if you wish.

Frank (Wicklowham)