Hardware with suspect software installed


I got a call from a friend who was trying to track down a Amazon Echo after it appeared on his company network. He said out of the blue one appeared then three then a total of eight! Obviously concerned, his company shut down the network. After stopping work and sending all employees home for the day and a physical search of the building, it is their LTE Cellspots to offload internet traffic into the net because of bad coverage.

After calls to their cellular provider they were unable to get satisfactory responses as to why a voice automated system was used in their cellular hotspot.


They should cancel the contract with the cellular provider ASAP, then make a new contract with a better provider. Once that is fully approved and confirmed, they should go to the media and make this incident public and naming the company behind this affair.


I received one for my home today. Its from a different carrier - TMobile.
When it connected and updated on my network - sure enough - Amazon Echo.


You received an LTE cellspot but got an Amazon Echo?


I received a LTE Cellspot and when it connects to the network it identifies as an Amazon Echo.


So the network is at fault?


Of course not.
The device itself is running AE and therefore identifies as such.


The issue is, that I don’t understand how an LTE Cellspot is basically an Amazon Echo. This is just crazy. Additionally, that would be a big fraud. The sellers and renters should be sued.


Its not fraud. It, the device, has the ability to take your phone signal and transmit it so you have connection when you would not have it otherwise.

What it potentially is though is a security problem.

I just got an email from my friend. All devices were removed from the building; their provider would not say what the cellspot full functionality was; the units are Echo Dot’s. The Dots are the top portion or the brain portion of the Echo devices - just minus the speaker. I do not use this device so Ive had to do a lot of reading on its capability.

The Dot’s have the ability to control (issue commands) most smarthome or smart device products. Turn on and off lighs, make phone calls, order item, etc. Its all about issuing commands via voice. So its always listening to what is being said.

This is a serious problem.


To me that’s fraud with capital letters.


Do you have a flat screen tv or a smart tv?


No, I’m not crazy like that. It not only makes people dumb but obviously now has the same “features” as all the “home assistants” have.


Do you have a cell phone?


I have heard of this before @wadesmart I can’t remember where it might have been on the BBC News website or may be it was on the BBC Click website. The reason why I remember it is that I was thinking of getting one of them I thought better of it at the time. If I can find the link and I think the solution was there as well I’ll post it for you. If not you could try looking at those sites yourself. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


The company removed all the hardware at their vendors cost and started testing of new hardware. Its just the times we are in now. Just like with all the tv’s with apps that neither the tv manufacturer nor you can control but can crash your tv and leave you with problems - its just a way to get costs down.