Has anyone been able to print this page into a file yet?

I would like to print or make a file of a itsfoss article.
How do I accomplish that ?
Thank you

I’m not sure if there is a possibility other than just using the generic printing function in the browser. I’ll make this public, so other people can help, too.

If you use a chromium based browser, you have the print option. Select it, click Save as pdf and done! Your website will be saved as pdf.

Do reply me if it works. Not sure with Firefox.

Thanks for making it public.

Were you able to make a PDF with

I can save as pdf with Firefox too.
But it saves only 3 of the 17 pages.
It looks like the Discourse 2.7.0.beta1
is not functional.

When I use Firefox to print I also get 3 pages. But your link points back to here and that all there is, 3 pages. :grinning:

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Okay, try with some other browser. I don’t have Firefox. I did with chrome.

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How stupid of me.
Please let’s try the longest topic

I use SngleFile addon for Firefox.

That saves the current page to a huge, monolithic html which includes images, css, etc…
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You are right about Chromium @Pranav I was able to make a pdf with the long page.
Thank you.
Now I will address this as a bug to fix to the Firefox community. :innocent:

Thank you @kovacslt
The extension works ok but images get blurred.

There’s also the alternative to download the article with

wget -e robots=off --convert-links -O output.html url

and then open the output.html in the word processor of your choice, e.g. LibreOffice Writer.
This method also enables you to tweak the document’s look and remove any unnecessary elements.

Thanks @Mina
I have used wget elsewhere but had never thought to use the command like this.

I have installed Chromium and

  1. am able to print the web page.
  2. have better access to https://itsfoss.community/

I also have sent a message about this worry to a contributor of support.mozilla.org.

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I did not have such problem.

I solved the problem with Single file