Has anyone else tried Mycroft AI, the open source AI for Linux?

It’s easy to compile. There is an Android App as well, but that took some compiling with special software. If I could figure it out, anyone could. I can give pointers to those that want to try.

Go to the Mycroft Home Page and sign up, then sign up at the chat webpage.

It is a great project and they could use more developers to help them even if it is just to point out bugs.

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Yes, I think I mentioned it here, somewhere. I am the first one who installed MyCroft on a Raspberry Pi 3 A+, so you probably can find me there when searching for this device on their forum. After that trial, I didn’t continue to test it and it is yet to be implemented into my home. The error reason for that is, that so far I didn’t want to use a whole Raspberry Pi 3 B+ just for a single application. If there comes a time where I actually have a spare Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (when will that happen…?) I might go for implementing MyCroft, for real that time.

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