Has anyone tried librewolf?

Hi, if you guys didn’t know i uninstalled firefox and switched to chrome, but i want a backup browser like a secondary browser, now there is a linux youtube channel i like called distrotube and his video said it has more freedom, and more privacy

So im thinking instead of firefox i should use librewolf,
If any of you have tried librewolf tell me whats it like and is it good?

@KITT…Interesting, but I use Brave as my second browser. May give Librewolf
a try.

Hmmm, ive tried brave but sadly it always wont start when i install it through the way on the website and the other way is just snap which i cant use and don’t want to use because i use linux mint and sort of don’t like snaps because the way ubuntu just forces you to install chromium as a snap

@KITT…HMM…I have Brave installed on Endeavour, Mint, and PClinuxOS. With Endeavour it was installed from the AUR repository and PClinuxOS installed it from synaptics, Mint Brave install was from the Brave website.

I already tried librewolf, its great, i think its better than firefox for me although i had to add google manually, it’s great, would reccomend librewolf to everyone