Hauppauge tuner for Plex server

Plex says that an Hauppauge WinTV DualHD usb tv tuner will work with their software. The setup on Hauppauge’s site is for Ubuntu. I’ve managed to get the tuner to work and can watch OTA TV using Kaffeine, but Plex cannot see the tuner. I’m running Ubuntu 20.04. I’ve tried this on Opensuse Tumbleweed with similar results. Has anyone been able to get this tuner to work on any distro of Linux with Plex? Help from Plex is just about non-existent.

I feel you pain.
Sorry, I can’t really help.

I tried to get that tuner to work, (back in the early days of this century), but never could with any degree of reliability.
I’m running the Plex server on my mint system and sending it to wherever else wants to watch (mostly Roku and other PC’s).

As an alternative, I got an HDhomerun tuner. Plex does see it and it runs without needing to be attached to a computer. However, it is not as sensitive as the Hauppauge tuner. There are several channels that even my old tv’s can see but the HDhomerun can’t. Amplification is an issue with the HDhomerun too. It seems you can overload the input fairly easily. I tried to work with their support and we even tried a second unit all to no avail. I keep hoping that Plex will fix what ever it is that doesn’t let it see the Hauppauge from Linux.

FYI, your issue is discussed in the Plex forum and there is a workaround I found in there.
Search for “Hauppauge”.