Heads up! Server Migration going on, It's FOSS may be inaccessible temporarily


Just to let you know that I am migrating the servers for itsfoss.com to a self-hosted cloud server in order to have better control on the website and improve its functionality.

During the DNS changes, the website may be inaccessible in some part of the globe. Some new comments made during this time might be lost as well.

Sorry for the inconvience.


Self-hosted and open source, I hope. :grin:


The main component i.e the CMS is WordPress, an open source software.


Discourse too is open source.


i hope everything goes well, and succes


Yes, that too. I try to keep things open source wherever possible.


Thanks for the wishes. DNS propagation is still going on.


Which host are you using ?


It’s a cloud server provider named UpCloud. They have given us free credits to use their servers.


how goes the migration?


For some reasons the DNS records still show the old IP. Help me verify it.

Are you able to access this link: https://itsfoss.com/sourcegraph/

And where are you located?


i am in san antonio, texas. sometimes my traffic shows houston for whatever reason. checking your link…


(had to switch to laptop from phone) yep, i see the page about sourcegraph :slight_smile: all links and pics and whatnots appear to be in good working order as well.


Ah great! Thanks for the update. I guess even though the DNS lookup shows old IP, things are still good :slight_smile:


yay for success and congratulations!


@abhishek i had a couple questions about the new itsfoss.com layout. is this a good place to ask them or would feedback be helpful some other way?


Let’s use the feedback category for it :slight_smile: