Help me allow printer by network

hello every
my company multiple department, i share printer Hp 404dn with network. But department other print, my company dont server.
Can i set printer allow print by IP???

If it is your printer on your computer, you can set CUPS to allow sharing with other computers on the network.
The sharing setting is in the Defaults settings on the printers maintenance page.

Becase when share from my PC error when window update, i lost muntile time fix it.
Error 709; 404, i dont fix it.

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If you are the net admin for your companies network you need to add it to the network. If you are not, then the net admin needs to make that happen. Sharing with the network from just your machine may not work.

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plse step by step

I have no experience with a company network but will say what works for family use
Using manjaro kde i would:-

Use nmap or arp-scan to find the printer on your network
Login to your router and allocate fixed ip to the printer
Ensure the printer is visible on your network
Go to hardware>printers and configure the printer

Hope it works, if not then perhaps more knowledgeable folk may help