Help needed Grub / Grub Customizer

I perform a clean install LM 20 on a spare partition. Ran the update-grub command and ended up with a nice 3 boot option. LM 19.3, LM 20, and Win 10.

Now I have finish the testing and want to remove LM 19.3. I tried deleting the partition and running update-grub again. But this failed. At boot time, I got a screen with the last line of “grub>” or something like that. I did not take a pic of the screen.
So I restored the deleted partition and install Grub Customizer. I ran it but it looks nothing like my grub boot screen.

So, I need some help / suggestions.
1 - How to use Grub Customizer?
2 - or Another way to remove LM 19.3 from the boot menu.
I am assuming that once I remove LM 19.3 from the boot menu, I can then safely remove LM 19.3 from the PC.

@easyt50…Are you able to boot into Linux?

Oh, Yes! Once I performed the restore, my PC is back to the way it was. Just like nothing happen. I have my Grub boot menu back with the 3 items on it again. I take backups. :nerd_face:

You should read this.
I know Grub Customizer might seem to be easy for editing Grub, and I have also used it, but I also
know, from personal experience, that once it is installed it is not easy to back out of, with out a clean
install. We live and learn.
Here is another link that should be read, but you probably already know this.

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Sounds like I might have 2 problems now!
Problem One and original problem ---- How do I remove Linux Mint 19.3 from the boot menu.
Problem Two ----- Maybe installing software suggested on this Forum without first checking it out.
Bottom Line ---- I really don’t mind if Grub Customizer stays on my system until my next clean install, if I can remove 19.3 from my current system.

Update @4dandl4.
I was able to remove Grub Customizer by restoring the snap shots taken by Timeshift.
So now, how do I remove LM 19.3 form the boot menu? Any ideas?

@easyt50…If GC has been removed then you will have to use nano to edit your grub.cfg and fstab file to set boot parameters. You might also consider using a Linux live media to delete the Mint 19 partition and to update grub.