Help on decreasing Linux Boot time

Hello there, I am using kubuntu 21.04 and I got boot time after systemd command as shown below-

Currently I am dual booting both windows and kubuntu.From the above screenshot boot time takes 2m 58sec.Sometimes it will take 5m or 6m to boot up system completely.As you see vboxdrv.service takes lot of time.

I use windows in SSD and kubuntu in HDD.

My question is that is there any sleep command or bash script to make that service sleep some time and start later in that way the system will boot fast and services will be autoenabled.

Besides I know this two commands-
sudo systemctl disable vboxdrv.service
sudo systemctl enable vboxderv.service
And I also know that ubuntu boots slower on HDD.

Now it is showing as 5min for the boot to finish.

So please tell me if there is any solution for that.