HELP: Unboot Zorin OS 15 64-Bit

HOW to delete the Primary Partition from a Bootable USB.

1.- I used RUFUS to make the bootable USB with Zorin OS 15, 64-Bit
2.- It didn’t install anything so i format the USB again
3.- I open the USB and nothing seems wrong, but then i realized that the size was reduced from 32gb to 27.91gb

4.- Used the next command trying to delete the remaining partition (a principal partition created by Zorin 15, 64-Bit) …

RESCATUX, Format NTFS, Format Fat32, Format Fat16, Fdisk, Diskpart, Disk management (windows) and IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to delete the primary partition.

After deleted the principal partition and unplug the USB, when i plug it again, the USB continue having the Principal {or primary partition (the bootable)} from Zorin OS15, 64-bit

So i don’t know what else do i have to do to delete FOREVER and back to it’s original size my USB

Please take screenshots of the partitions on the USB drive, as it is not clear what kind of partition you are referring to.

Hi @Cinthia_Lopez
How did you format the stick?
I would recommend to use gparted as a tool for such.
there you have the advantage of “seeing” the partitions of a drive and so you can click and delete it.
And then create a new partition of the entire dive size.

By the way, in my experience, usb sticks do never have the “original” space on them. There is always something “missing” due to logic issues and/or type of filesystem.
But 4 GB is a little “off”, there you’re right.

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