Holy Dayz had to make title longer stupid machines

Well Goodbye Everybody It’s the end of the year ( for ME )

I"ll back be returning in the new year ( ohh N0Oooo )

Thank you all for wonderful conversations

The many laughs along the way

Its Foss Its Nice

To be accepted as I am

Love and respect to all of you

Take care and love what you got

The warmest regards



Say it ain’t so?!?!?!?!
Just stay safe and healthy and PLEASE hurry back!!!


Off to help Santa?
Have fun and stay safe.
See you next year.

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We will miss you! :crying_cat_face:
Take care and God Bless!!! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the kind comments

@7blade I was safe.

@easyt50 How could anyone not Love Santa.

@shamu Ah Yeah God Did Bless.

I hope God blessed all of you also,
what a month, up mountains and then a life changing event that was unexpected
I was about to give up and then …
and now I’m back, in time will be getting better than ever before.



Welcome back in this not always wonderful world!
Here is a little gift for you:

0Oh shamu that is brilliant :100: absolutely brilliant

Thank you


You are very welcome! I like it too. I “stole” it… :star_struck:
I could email it to you if you want so you can download it for yourself.

0Oh yes please

It ain’t stealing ( no profiteering ) it’s re-posting isn’t it ? ?


Absolutely! 100%!!! Don’t you worry! :rofl: :heart_eyes: :joy:

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