How can I know the reliability of each SSDs' brand?

Until now I choose the SSDs comparing the speed of reading and writing but I can not compare them in terms of reliability,I think it’s impossible to do it

For example,
one of the great stores in my country have these TLC SSDs of 240GB:

  • Crucial BX500
  • Gigabyte 240GB
  • Kingston UV500
  • Western Digital Green

The price are almost the same and how can I know the the reliability of each brand for these SSDs?
I hope I’m not speculating but such a sensitive device for information use with data should be more reliable, maybe I’m wrong and in this case I would like to be wrong with this matter

Do you have any idea how to choose the best SSD for above list, for example?
And can you justify the reason of your choice?



Brand loyalty and Peer recommendations.

So its like buying a mass produced automobile with numerous manufactures offering similar sized cars for the mini market, off-road vehicles, sports cars, etc with more and more powerful engines. Or a vehicle, with de-tuned engine to be rugged will last forever and a day.

To my knowledge, there are two or three manufactures who produce SSD, Samsung, is one of them.

Depending what you want from your SSD, speed or endurance.

As you mentioned, they all have similar performance. These are aimed at the consumer market, you or me.

Reliability, is eye watering expensive. Example Samsung Pro SSD (Enterprise class)

Whereas the Samsung Evo 500GB is nearly half the price I paid for it 12 months ago at Amazon.

I have heard good things about the Crucial brand, I also understand they also manufacture them. But have no first hand knowledge.

The other brands I’ve tried are HyperX (satisfied) and Kingston (not bad), the cheaper Kingston A400 model do not report disk temperatures etc.



Thanks for the reply
I have two Toshiba ( OCZ), TR200 and TL100 and I don’t like them because in 10 months they degraded almost 10%. The support said to me for TL100 was because motherboard didn’t have AHCI mode
but TR 200 is connected to a new motherboard with AHCI mode and already degraded 9% since June - in just 7 months!
I don’t know if it is normal or not, it the first time I use SSDs

I would like to buy another SSD but I realy don’t know how to choose it
(I think this is a main question for a lot o users)


As @anon56357095 has said it is pretty much like buy a car, everyone will probably have some experience good or bad on any of them. Crucial off you the chance to see what suits your system and they get good reviews on their ssds. I personally like the Scandisk Ultras and have two of them as they are good mid priced ones. Samsung Evo range is also good, but tends to be a bit pricey in my experience. I also have two of them and am using one at the moment as I am doing a lot of work.

I know when I chose mine I looked at a lot of reviews to narrow it down, from various sites on line and then looked at the personal reviews from buyers at various places and further reduced it down until I made my choices above. So just do your research and you should be fine.


Have a read of this Red Hat guide, they are one of the largest Linux companies in the World, supplying Enterprise class OS and paid for customer support. So you could consider them to be an expert on all things Linux and hardware related issues to Red Hat OS.



this is what i was hoping would pop up, trusted and reliable source suggestions. i see a lot of review sites like tom’s hardware and AnandTech come up, but without following them over time or reading a lot of reviews it is hard to know which ones to turn to when looking for truly unbiased information.


As you rightly mention Tom’s Hardware, amongst the poor advice merchants, though I have glean the odd gem on that forum.

Ask Ubuntu and SuperUser are others, but they more hit than miss, but be careful, GIGO equals screwed up OS minimum.

Any article by Rod Smith, BIOS or UEFI, you can accept without any worry.


To cure any insomniac:


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