How can I reinstate an accidentally deleted Downloads folder


It’s possible to re-install Linux without losing your /home data even if it’s installed in a single partition. There are a couple of extra steps involved to achieve this but it’s not difficult. As always, keep your data backed up and current.

I used VirtualBox for years and it was a fine and stable piece of work. (I don’t use it anymore, though, so don’t have the latest news about it.)

If you lose your Downloads folder again you simply can create a new one in the proper location. It will be empty of course but the OS will recognize it. It looks for a folder (a.k.a. Directory) named Downloads (or Templates, or whatever) but there’s no special ID serial number attached AFAIK.


My experience is pretty much “stock” Ubuntu or elementary…

Most of my “default” folders that get special icons and bookmarks in Nautilus or “Files” are shortcuts I create… soon as new install’s booted up and I’ve got my Dropbox and Resilio Sync “sync’d” - I fire up a terminal :

rm -Rf Music Pictures Documents

Then create new “files” for those defaults which are symlinks :

ln -s ~/Resilio Sync/Music ~/Music
ln -s ~/Dropbox/Photos ~/Pictures
ln -s ~/Resilio Sync/bigguns/Documents ~/Documents

And then I plonk symlinks into ~/Videos pointing to my NAS videos share

ln -s /mnt/BARGEARSE/TVZ ~/Videos/TVShows
ln -s /mnt/BARGEARSE/MVZ ~/Videos/Movies

And Nautilus or “Files” special icons and bookmarks for those folders are still “there”…

et cetera… couldn’t be simpler… I never touch the ~/Downloads/ folder - but I reckon it would be the same deal there…

Just tried it on my desktop machine :
rm ~/Downloads

Fired up Nautilus - tried clicking on Downloads “shortcut” and it errored…

ln -s /mnt/BARGEARSE/Downloads ~/Downloads

Fired up Nautilus - all good again! :smile:


I use a DATA partition (a separate HDD now).

Delete “rm -r Document Downloads Music Pictures Videos” folders in my /home directory.

Then run “mkdir Documents Downloads etc” to make new folders in the DATA partition.

Finally create symlinks x5: “ln -s /mnt/DATA/Downloads /home/username” change to Docs Vid etc

They are made in the DATA storage partition, which produces new Document Downloads etc folders (with the symlink arrow symbol to inform me they are active) in your /home directory. :smile:


You have a little trouble and transform in a big issue.
My suggestion ( not know if go works :wink: )
at command line:
1- Go for your home directory ( cd ~ ) without parentesis hein …
2- md Downloads/ ( write this form ) this create the Downloads folder
3- search in Internet a new icon for your Downloads folder.
4- Now in file manager, select the folder Downloads and right click propriety …
5- Choice your new icon, and done :slight_smile:


This wouldn’t solve the actual issue that easily.


Put in google “download folder icon” and click for images
lot images appear, choice the more pretty and done, no problem here. :sunglasses:


The OP specifically asked for the actual original icon. It’s not easy to find the exact same one randomly in an image search.


You should keep the hair short, and so avoid “hair pullings”
but probably no go avoid pulling ear :slight_smile:
Funny the part, when needs help, no hesitate in put your issue :wink: