How can I remove "Save to Google Drive" as a printer option?

Whenever I hit Ctrl-P to print a document the last printer option is “Save to Google Drive”. I’d like to remove it since I never use Google Drive. So far I’ve had no success.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Go to All programs / Printer Management, right click on “Google Drive” and delete, will do the trick. (Ubuntu 18.04). Good luck!!

Thank you for the reply. I did not find “Google Drive” in 20.04. What I tried was to remove the authorization for Gnome to connect to my Google account by removing the file

.config/goa-1.0/accounts.conf (Actually, I moved it to accounts.conf.OLD)

That removed Google Drive from the printer list as well as the link to mount Google Drive from the Nautilus side-bar. So far I haven’t discovered any harm resulting from this.


You could have removed the Google authorization from Settings->Online Accounts.

Manually removing conf file is not a good idea.

I tried that but the menu that was supposed to appear to let me revoke the Google authorization would not come up, I don’t know why.

I have the conf file saved and can restore it should any malfunction appear. So far, though, all is well.

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Good to know, Don.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

I looked at that location (.config/goa-1.0/) on another computer running 20.04 but without Gnome permission to access my Google account. There is no configuration file there, it’s an empty directory. That makes me pretty confident that it’s OK to remove this particular conf file. And, so far, there’ve been no issues.

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