How can I share my secondary monitor to a remote system as if it were directly connected to it?


A laptop typically has either a VGA or HDMI connector as a display port, and some laptops even have both. If you connect a secondary monitor to this laptop, you can easily drag and drop any window from the primary to the secondary monitor and work seamlessly.

This functionality applies to all workspaces as well.


Through Remmina is possible get remote access from a Host laptop to a target laptop - for simplicity it in the same LAN - in peace. The situation is that the target laptop does not have a secondary monitor and the host laptop has a secondary monitor. Therefore:

Host Laptop --- --- --->>> Target Laptop 
1 Secondary    Remmina      0 Secondary  
 Monitor                      Monitor  


I want need to know if is possible execute a command in the target laptop to cheat the OS to indicate that it has connected a secondary monitor based on the same settings than the one connected in the Host laptop. Of course, there is no a secondary monitor connected in the Target Laptop.

Therefore the “fake” scenario should be the same as if exists two identical displays/monitors and each one is connected to each laptop. Thus in the Host laptop is possible drag and drop any window to the secondary monitor - it without matter if really the Target monitor does not have a real secondary monitor connected.

Is possible accomplish this goal? I need this command being generic or portable, it to be executed in Ubuntu and Fedora.

I misread the OP. so removed my wrong reply.

Hello Laszlo

I read your deleted answer, I found the following interesting.

First I create a virtual monitor on the computer, then set it to a desired resolution (FullHD):

How did you create the virtual monitor? With what software?

Thank You

For other visitors: my wrong reply had a link to my previous experiment:

The tools I used here are xrandr and ffmpeg.
I have 2 monitors on my desktop, and a regar laptop so I may fiddle with them to bring something useful for you. However, I’m far away from my computers until september, so I just visit here using my phone.

Thank You. I am going to do a research. I remember that I used some months ago the xrandr command to work and configure with a secondary monitor, when I used Linux through VirtualBox