How do I install Filezilla on Ubuntu

I downloaded FileZilla to my system, extracted it, yet I can’t figure out how to open it to get to the graphical interface to start using it.

Hi @mrsteve
I think you are going about it the wrong way
You should use the package system to install things
In Debian you can use apt or synaptic to install a package. I am not familiar with Ubuntu

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sudo apt install filezilla

That should do it.

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Hello and welcome.

As @nevj and @pdecker sayd.

I just fired up a virtual Ubuntu to look at the right way:
Hit the “Super-Key” (Windows-key), type “software”.
There should be “Ubuntu Software Center” in the results.
Doubleclick it and do a search (upper right corner) for “filezilla”.
Install it.
The terminal is the shorter way though…