How do i reset my forgotton pc password

i tried doing it through grub but it wont let me enter new password when prompted

Hello FellaFinTuna, welcome to the Forum.
Push shift button before OS boots up, you’ll see a list come up pick advanced, then recovery mode. With Recovery Mode highlighted push enter. Wait for it to load up. Next with your arrow keys go down to drop to root shell prompt, a screen with #root your username will pop up. Type passwd Your username hit enter then follow the on screen instructions enter new password then again to confirm it and it will tell you if it has been successful or not. Here in Linux we spell password as passwd, so do not think it is a spelling mistake, because it isn’t. Hope this helps?

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Good catch with recovery mode! :smiley:

I think it is. The command is
instead of passwrd.
At least on the versions of Ubuntu and Debian I ever used…

Yes, every UNIX based OS has this utility, as far as I know.

Hello thank you for your reply, yes i have gotten to this stage. However i am unable type my new password when it asks me to

When you type in your new password, it’s hidden, not even stars ****, you just see nothing, but the typing still works.

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Oh, okay i will try again thank you

Yep you’re right, damn well my excuse for getting it wrong is, it looks better with the r in it, my brain is fifty years older than I am. Going to rectify it now. :grin: