How do I uninstall Linux but keep Windows in dual boot system?

I installed it this way,

And yes, im using an MBR.

Just to be sure. You are dual booting Windows and Linux in the same system and now you want to remove Linux while keeping Windows as it is.

Am I right?

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yep, exactly and i also used a hard drive of like 700 GB and just used like 200 GB for linux, so i wanna retrieve that too. I dont wanna remove linux now, but just in case if something happens or like if i wanna change to another distro i need to delete it right?

I hope you understand what im trying to say

ps: im not using ubuntu, im on zorin

It’s okay if you are using Zorin, not Ubuntu.

If you want to replace Zorin with another OS, I have written a detailed tutorial on this topic:

If you want to remove Linux completely from dual boot, I have written about that as well:

Please note that it will be better if you have backed up your important data on an external USB/disk. Having a bootable Windows USB is recommended as a fall back option (in case you need to repair or reinstall Windows).

I hope this helps.


Oh cool thanks for the great work, dhanyavaadh :grinning:

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You are welcome. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hey abhishek, how do i retrieve my drive? Like utilize the space?

When you delete the Linux partition successfully, you can either extend the Windows partition with this free space or you make a new Windows partition (like Drive D, E, F etc) on this free space using the Disk utility in Windows.

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I would like to increase the partition size for Ubuntu and reduce the partition size for Windows.

I would like to increase the Ubuntu partition size by 200gb.

This is a dual boot system.

Any help appreciated.


I had to change the boot flag on the Windows Drive/Partition using a live DVD with GPARTED installed and used GParted to change the boot flag. It was years ago, so I don’t remember exactly how I did it. Sorry.