How do I uninstall something I installed from Gdebi?

I installed a .deb file from gdebi and now I need to uninstall it but dont know how. Help would be much appreciated

You could use Synaptic. Search for the name of the package, then ask Synaptic to remove it.
You may also use dpkg, something like
sudo dpkg -r nameofit
“nameofit” here stands for the installed name, without the .deb extension.

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Oh thanks, i’ll try it

If you input the name of the deb file, gdebi will ask if you want to reinstall it or remove it…

You can also open up the original deb file with gdebi and choose uninstall. So many ways to install Deb Files and uninstall them too.

You got there before me, but I worded it differently. :grin:

You can also do it via the terminal with either of these commands
sudo apt purge package name
sudo dpkg -r package name

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