How does Google get in on the act?

I realise that I am obsessive about the power exercised by the big names in the computer world. My last post raised a concern that the major manufacturers were creating what is virtually a duopoly in the selling of computers. I was surprised that the comment led to a huge collection of replies, but the last time I checked, only two were relevant to my query.
I continue my quest for a Microsoft and Google-free world. I am pleased that I appear to have a Google-free desktop computer, and I have purchased a mobile phone that is also independent. However, from time to time I get Google messages that their systems ‘have detected unusual traffic’ and demand I fill a captcha before I can get access to the site. (By the way, I refuse to use any site that makes that requirement.) This morning, I was trying to log on for my usual morning newspaper read, when that message appeared. I don’t use Google, so how did they get in on the act? What right have they to monitor my use when, as far as I know, I have no connection with them and resent the intrusion on my privacy. I know that many people are not at all bothered about matters of privacy, but I’d have thought users of forums such as this would be.
What can be done?

I think various websites offer Google (and Facebook) as a login method… ie an alternative to having your own independent login name and password. Not sure because I never use that option
Is it possible that you accidentally activated the google option?

My first thought is Google Analytics. If this is the case it was by the choice of the newspaper and not Google, although Google certainly benefits by gathering data.

I’ve seen a competing set of tools websites can use called Plausible. I believe it is open source and they also can provide a service for you to analyze the data gathered. It’s less intrusive than Google Analytics such that it doesn’t require the cookie authorization prompt.

On the anti-Microsoft and anti-Google topic, why are you not anti-Apple as well? Everyone has their Ford or Chevy that they prefer, but somehow it seems to me there is that Apple Kool-Aid factor for some people. At least I don’t get the attraction. It’s made me very anti-Apple.

If you inspect the code on whatever site you are seeing that message you’ll be able to see if they are using something google related. It is very hard to get away from them.

Google is a long way from the worst case
For example, Amazon, buy up The Book Depository, then close it down. That is clear monopolistic behaviour, and a great disappointment for book lovers.

Thank you for the replies and suggestions. I shall look into the latter. I’d like to assure nevj that I would never make the mistake of a Google log-in. In all the instances I have seen, there is a notice that I can check in with facebook, Google, or whatever, OR my own account. The latter is larger on the page, and I always use that.
I should also like to answer why I do not include Apple. I do, but didn’t mention it as it was not the main source of my problem. I know that I shall sound like a real grump, but I avoid as much as possible the mainstream; that includes all social media, Amazon (I wish there were some way to block them. There was once an add-on built by anti-Amazon advocates when the store was attempting to establish itself in New York, and I used it for a time. It now seems to have disappeared, and now Amazon is everywhere.) and obviously Microsoft and Google.
Thanks again.

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There’s a Jack Vance (my favourite author of Sci Fi and Fantasy) short story, featured in “Tales of the Dying Earth”, the story “Liane the Wayfarer”, who runs afoul of Chun the Unavoidable - I think of Google the same way, they’re Unavoidable…

I’m forced to use a Google or Apple phone handset with MFA apps for my job… It’s just too goddamn convenient, but it is about time I updated my EOL Galaxy S9+ - was thinking about a Motorola Edge series (Motorola handsets are just Lenovo devices) because they have a fairly vanilla google experience, and I’m hoping I can use FDroid store (I want the motorola for “Ready For” feature, which is pretty much like Samsung’s DeX)…


I had one Motorola cell phone a few years ago and really liked it. I didn’t attempt anything like using the FDroid store though. Good luck, hopefully it works for you.

I want the FDroid store so I can have a decent reliable supported version Termux… The one from the Google Play Store, on my Galaxy S9+ has been out of support for two+ years now - I don’t think its even on Google Play any more…

Here’s what I want in a phone

1 - desktop mode over USB C / HDMI (i.e. like DeX)
2 - SD Card expansion or minimum 256 GB storage (I need to store at least 128 GB of music)
3 - decent camera - the photos I take with my S9+ are hideous - shonky lofi rubbish…
4 - can use / run FDroid - something on the shonky KNOX garbage in Samsung’s GHASTLY Android implementation prevents installing apps from FDroid app store - Samsung are okay at hardware but they’re absolutely SHIT at software…

Scrap that idea… Reckon I’ll just keep using my dirty cheap e-bay Galaxy S9+ stuck on Android 10… Managed to get F-Droid working and uninstalled app store version of Termux and then F-Droid source for Termux (had to uninstall ALL the other Google Play Termux Packages as well)…

Just about to find out if my restore from backup will work…

And it did… Stuff that didn’t work (like trying to install openssh package) now work 100%

I’ve now got a pocket Nix box to walk around with and use with my NexDock 2 - I’ve also got a 15" FHD USB C monitor and bluetooth keyboard and mouse I use my Android phone as a UNIX system - mostly for shits’n’giggles, but I do use it for work stuff sometimes!