How I escaped Big Tech for a month

Let’s knock down each money-making monster and round em up one by one with alternatives to the stuff we use.

Apple’s proprietary chain is a hard one to escape… jk. Android and Windows are goo- wait no Microsoft and Google already own them, the other two money making monsters. Well, simple. Get your Dell computer and a Pine Phone. Set up Linux on both. Now You got Microsoft and apple go boom, but what about google, amazon, and meta? Use Walmart and shop somewhere else, not online. It would be way more helpful with customer service, etc. For WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram… use Discord for that stuff (although Discord is a corporation, the only people I want rid of is the GAMMA wave.). For Chrome use Firefox, and for Word/Excel/PowerPoint use Libre’s Productivity Suite. For Gmail, use Proton Mail. For Chrome’s search engine(google)… hmmm… hmmmm… use Duckduckgo. For Google Maps, use MapQuest. Use Slack and Eclipse/IntelliJ IDEA instead of Teams and VSCode. For AWS, use Digital Ocean. Now the question is Git… it’s owned by Microsoft… someone give an alternative to that one since I can’t find any. I did research on internet seems to be bitbucket(haven’t tried it soo…)… Also use Roblox instead of Minecraft… There we go. Time to take a deep breath… One warning I should tell you, fellow FOSSer is that these software aren’t as great as the GAMMA wave’s is, but they should be enough for the most part. I used Indie companies like Discord and Mozilla to get through the GAMMA wave. Anyways, has an article about essential apps and tools to use instead of GAMMA software. Best Linux Software: 37 Essential Linux Apps [2021]


There is Gitlab, but I have not tried it. I am wedded to Github from long ago. Gitlab is not Microsoft owned.
It depends what you do. For programming, the choice is limited.
If you just want to store documents, there are numerous repositories, for example Figshare.

You did a comprehensive job. What do I do with my Samsung tablet and phone.? You cant really replace Android, and I think it is one of the better products anyway, despite the Google connection.

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Nice. I already use most of these alternatives, for all the best reasons that you state. I have Facebook set up with a bogus email identity (, btw, is close to protonmail), but mostly I give social media a wide pass.

I found Minetest in the Ubuntu repository, and it’s a pretty good replacement for Minecraft.

Good job.

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Wonder why they forgot Simple Screen Recorder in their list? Or when installing from terminal
sudo apt install simplescreenrecorder
It only supports one sound at a time, either what is being played through your speakers or headphones, or your mic. Really good quality screen recorder, supports Nvenc recording too. Good if you’re gaming without commentary. Recording a tutorial in VirtualBox. I use it a lot, saves mucking around in OBS, if you need to get something out quick.

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No it’s not… They only own one of the services (GitHub)… There’s gitlab (per @nevj’s comment) , and Atlassian have a bunch of services, or self hosting solutions… So they’re not free either… Nothing stopping you running your own self hosted solution for free and 100% open source… Linux Torvalds INVENTED Git, it’s his baby, and I can’t imagine him EVER selling his soul and letting it become “owned” by a giant conglomerate entity…

I can’t imagine getting away from any of this - I’m an employee, I NEED LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft) and I need either iOS or Android for a bunch of things (mostly MFA applications) - good luck trying to get some MFA token generator that’s approved in “corporateland” to work…

It’s all very noble, but 100% utterly completely impractical for me…

I gotta work… I got bills to pay… I got dependants to support… There’s no free beer either, I have to pay for that shit too :smiley:

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LineageOS exists. I haven’t tried it yet, but seems viable. It’s a fork of Android, but they got rid of Google’s proprietary burdens. Try that for your Samsung products. Sadly, for developers, they need microsoft products like VSCode, Git, LinkedIn, so they can’t escape the GAMMA wave really… well they can escape GAMA, but not M(Microsoft)

Look at my reply above. Also wait a minute, Git is made by Linus? I thought it was Microsoft’s…

Well no big tech corp’s made a screen recorder every person uses regularly soo…

No, no. Git is just a program… part of Linux… open source. It came long before Github. As @daniel.m.tripp says, Github is just a service…it happens to use the git program, and lots of other things.
You can change to another service (like Gitlab) that also uses the git program, but is not Msoft owned

Git is just a program for version control when developing software. Its predecessors were SCCS, RCS, CVS. All they do is allow multiple programmers to work on the same code, without clashes. Git is actually used to control Linux source code… Linus wrote git just for that purpose. It has since been widely adopted elsewhere, including by Github and Gitlab.

Yes - it’s a fascinating story too…

Linus (and other kernel developers) was using BitKeeper version control system, for free, at the discretion of that product’s vendor, for the Linux kernel development.

Australian developer, “tridge” (Andrew Tridgell) who developed Samba - tried to reverse engineer BitKeeper’s protocols (non “clean room” reverse engineer) and when the owner of Bitkeeper found out - they removed Linus’ and the kernel developer’s team access to the product… I

Linus spat the dummy, gave tridge a full dressing down - then when he’d calmed down, stopped working on the kernel and developed git…

I kinda hate Samba, but without it we’d be lost (so many things in Linux seem to depend on Samba - not just file sharing). It doesn’t effect my home use of Linux, as I’m 100% NFS filesharing… But its a necessary evil in corporateworld…

BitKeeper wasn’t the first version control system… There was SVN (still in use today)… And I worked in an environment over 20 years ago where we managed ALL UNIX (Solaris) configuration files with SCCS (e.g. “sccs check-in passwd”)… IT was great! Till some cowboy SHITHEAD I worked with broke the whole thing - a complete utter cowboy and I can’t believe he still holds down a job in my town! Lucky for him, his Dad’s a multi-millionaire in SE Asia…

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