How Is Manjaro Linux

I Am Using Ubuntu Now But Want To Switch My OS I Got To Know About Manjaro Linux Can Anyone Tell Me How It it ??? And Is It Good And Stable And Which Flavour Of Manjaro i use in my pc

my pc specs
ryzen 5 2400g
8gb ram
1tb ssd +hdd

It’s quite nice but your gonna need to get used to it, it’s based on arch so .deb packages don’t work or sudo apt-get overall it’s very nice

In my opinion it’s a really nice and well put together distro.
Sane defaults, good theming and at least for me, it was very stable.
With both arch and manjaro repos along with AUR you’ll find anything you need there.
A lot of options in terms of software, kernels and utilities.
And their community is also very welcoming and helping.

If you’re curious, just go for it ! :slight_smile:

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Thnx For Response :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks Brother I Am Going For KDE Plasma One :heart_eyes:

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Welcome @CyberBoyAyush to “it’s Foss”. I am currently using Linux Mint which is base on Ubuntu. I found out that Ubuntu is based on Debian. Doing more reading I found out that Arch Linux is a different branch on the Linux tree.

So to learn more about Linux, I took a spare 120 GB SSD and loaded Linux Mint Xfce (Ubuntu base), MX (Debian base), and Manjaro (Arch base) onto it for testing. So far …

  1. I found all 3 Distro were fairly easy to install.
  2. All 3 were easy to update (load patches) after they were install.
  3. Marjaro had the most up-to-date kernel at 5.9. (5.10 is the current approve kernel).
  4. After spending over 2 1/2 years with Linux Mint, I can find my way around with the other 2 Distro.

Still in the early stage of testing (checking them out), but so far all 3 of them seems to be very stable and pleasing to use. Right now I am not even sure what DE the other 2 have. I believe MX is also Xfce. The Linux Mint I use every day is Cinnamon.

Please report back. I would be interested in how you like Marjaro.

Thank You Sir For Valuable Your Comment✌️ I Am Finally Shifting To Manjaro😁

So, my experience with Manjaro Linux was simply amazing! If you need a stable distro which receives updates constantly (even more clear, forever)? You should prefer Manjaro.

Your specs are pretty amazing; select Manjaro 20.1 KDE edition.

Please do reply about your experiences about Manjaro after trying it.

Thank you.

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Thnx brother for your valuable time and comment i am shifting to manajaro now :grin::v:

For me i use XFCE Manjaro

At Manjaro website, I am reading that there are 4 versions.
kde, xfce, gnome & Architect.

Why choose one above the other ?

You choose xfce if you are into simplicity or if your hardware is rather old. Otherwise, it is a question of taste. Some people prefer tea, others coffee…


I actually choose XFCE because i don’t like all the other DE’s that are officially supported, and i don’t want to use the community ones because i am not sure if it will receive updates the same time as the official manjaro versions

I’ll do the same and choose XFCE too.

When asked

Boot allowing proprietary drivers
Boot with open source drivers only

what do you answer ?

Proprietary drivers are supposed to improve hardware compatibility, especially when it comes to WiFi adapters and graphics. This makes sense, especially if your hardware is rather recent.

However, open source drivers can be more up-to-date, especially if your hardware is a bit older and the manufacturers don’t put effort in updating their drivers (which applies to most of them).


In Mint I can click system reports -> system info.
and see the equivalent of the inxi ccmmand.

Where is it in Manjaro ?