How much stuff is now online

We have just spent the last week moving home, which meant that for the whole of that period we have been off line. I don’t use a mobile net work, as I don’t really trust them. I have been surprised about how many things you now have to do on line as telephoning and changing them in person is no longer accepted. Fair enough my bank was great as was the home Insurance people, but most other things are now on line.

I wonder if others have found this now to be the case, that you have to do things on line now that is

PostOffice had said but then stepped back from that you would have to do address changes all online. A few utility companies have said the same but also stepped back from. Im not sure we are at a point to where you even could do it all online - mostly from a security stand point. Yes, we have ip/geologging, etc but you can still get around that. True, you have to call your phone and cell company because its unlikely you can find a physical location to help you. I know one cable company said you had to do everything online and that became a massive problem in their first 48 because when you said Im at address A and moving to address B and I will be there in 3 days, if the person living there has the same service and had neither disconnected yet, notified them or made similar contact to move their service, the entire backlog of events broke down. Same with new home and business addresses. They were not in their system. “Im sorry, we do not show that to be a valid address” was very common problem. I know we are def being pushing that direction of doing more online but its also strange that some of the more obvious things like say payment of your car tag cant be done online in many states or requesting service help for some utilities - which those are the ones that, as long as its not a new or change of service - would be easy to handle. Def no consistency.

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