How slow should we expect stuff

Was trying to do some arithmetic in LibreOffice Calc earlier - with hours and minutes, and hoping to find some help online with the magic of google-fu…

Every link I clicked on was taking LITERALLY FOREVER! I thought “oh dear the shonky slowness bug” has hit my Linux desktop…

So I tried it on my MacBook Pro - SAME DEAL!

My ISP? Couldn’t be!

Rebooted my Linux desktop - fired up Brave again - tried it again - same deal… then I finally did the sensible thing and checked all the links that came up as hints - and they were ALL “ask.libreoffice” URLs!

When I clicked on one that wasn’t NEAR INSTANCE RESPONSE (nothing is instant in Australia, we are the least active part of Gondwanaland, so it’s to be expected, but mostly the lack of instantness is due to political ineptitude when infrastructure became the playtool of ideologues) …

My “Scope” for this arithmetic was pure laziness… I wanted to generate a cue sheet so I could split an mp3 up into individual songs… I had a list of song names, in song order, with time in HH:MM:SS of each song, but not the cumulative total - and CUE sheets (e.g. with CLI tools like shnsplt or mp3splt) work on that …

e.g. (top few rows of a CUE txt file) :

## _________SETLIST_________
REM GENRE Heavy Metal
PERFORMER "Chelse Wolfe"
TITLE "Øya Festival 2018 &"
FILE "0ya-Festival.mp3"
		TITLE "Carrion Flowers"
		PERFORMER "Chelse Wolfe"
		INDEX 01 0:00
		TITLE "Spun"
		PERFORMER "Chelse Wolfe"
		INDEX 01 6:15

And somehow I needed to get this list (which only has each track running time - not the total!), into a similar format :

2,Sisterfucker (Part I),2:09
4,White Nigger,3:54
5,30$ Bag,2:47
7,Take As Needed For Pain,6:06
8,Sisterfucker (Part II),2:37
9,Crimes Against Skin,6:46
10,Kill Your Boss,4:13
11,Who Gave Her The Roses,1:59
12,Laugh It Off,1:35

Eventually managed it (conquered!) with a combo of LibreOfficeCalc and sed and vi (I wish I’d saved it as an ODF file for future reference - I was actually quite pleasantly surprised that LibreOffice time handling was a tad more intuitive than Excel [or my memories of using excel]) :

2,"Sisterfucker (Part I)",02:09,,00:09:15
4,"White Nigger",03:54,,00:16:23
5,"$30 Bag",02:47,,00:19:10
7,"Take As Needed For Pain",06:06,,00:32:17
8,"Sisterfucker (Part II)",02:37,,00:34:54
9,"Crimes Against Skin",06:46,,00:41:40
10,"Kill Your Boss",04:13,,00:45:53
11,"Who Gave Her The Roses",01:59",,00:47:52
12,"Laugh It Off",01:35,,00:49:27

anyway - I’m onto my 2nd beer (actually drinking chilled wine today : rosé - purchased in a device that was an Australian invention - we call it the “goon bag”) - needing the painkiller relief too (from alcohol) - stacked my e-scooter on Wednesday - I was trying to off-road it - and didn’t see a tree root sticking out into the path, in shade - have badly barked up my left knee and shinbone - something I woulda laught at 50 years ago)…
I will tackle the task of converting that last result, into .cue file format over the weekend…
If anyone’s interested - that CUE sheet I’m trying to build is for the 1993 Eyehategod album “Take As Needed For Pain” : long considered a seminal release in the NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) Doom Metal scene…

All you wanted to do was sum a list of times ( and make cumulative totals?
It should be instant in any decent spreadsheet, or you could do it in R or Octave.
Arithmetic to base 60 is all you need