How to backup network drive with windows files

I am new to this forum. FAQ suggests using a template to ask for help but I could not find the Template anywhere. So had to start this topic.
I want to backup a network drive to another network drive which contains mostly Windows data files. Would like a GUI based app which can schedule the backup job. Request your help in identifying this app. Many thanks.


Thank you for the feedback. I will adjust the FAQ so people can find the template easier, because it is apparently not visible enough.
Still, thank you for reading the FAQ and being very respectful to everyone by doing that.

That said, there is a small list of backup tools in the FAQ:

My favourite backup software is BorgBackup, though it does not have a nice GUI. If you are looking for backup programs with a GUI, you can use the popular Timeshift or even grsync.

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to post your questions regarding this topic in this thread.

Thanks. Will try the apps you suggested & revert if necessary.

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