How to completely remove Popcorn-Time on Linux Mint?

I installed Popcorn-Time on Linux Mint using this instruction: .How now i may completely delete Popcorn-Time from my system?

I do this,but after search in file system in keyword popcorntime,it find some leftovers. I attach screenshots below.

And i can’t delete it manually.

it makes sense to want to be thorough, but those are all just icon files (that are tiny in size. the one pictured is 12.8 kB). mint comes with icons for lots of different programs you don’t have installed just in case you do install them so there will be an icon for the panel or menu. i have never had popcorn time installed and still have the same icon plus plenty of others for programs i don’t have installed:

because the directories they are located in are all (most likely) owned by root, you would need to use sudo to remove them.