How to configure color emojis in UBUNTU 20.10?

I want to configure color emojis in my UBUNTU 20.10
I once configured the Twitter Color Emoji but they are all black and white now.
And mainly, it also changed the text font :frowning: ,but now the text font is okay but the twemojis are black and white :frowning:
So I need your help to configure any colour emoji font, but it should not change the text font of apps/browsers.

Can you explain what you want to achieve?
What is the final goal?

Do you want to use Emojis in Ubuntu?

ya, i once configured the twemoji, but they are all blacknwhite now, i need to remove them or directly configure any other colour emojis

Emojis are really only meant for text stuff on line like YouTube, Thunderbird mail. Here is a video on how to install them in Ubuntu Though we have not got this in Linux Mint, tried finding it.

listen i used the sudo apt install comand to install the noto color emoji, its working but only in websites, like not on the tiles/tabs, see the eg

i guess this i because i installed twemojis some days ago, so the firefox now also shows twemojis, but they have all turned black and white for chrome and brave

pop this command into terminal this will refresh the cache and turn emojis into color again
sudo fc-cache -f -v

nah not working :sob: :sob:

Okay reinstall Twemoji here

It’s a Deb file and this worked for me.
As I think Ubuntu does not come with gdebi installed. Open Terminal and type or copy and paste. cd Downloads
sudo dpkg -i fonts-noto-color-emoji_0~20180424-2_all.deb
pop password in and it should install.
These are an older set, but Ubuntu should update them for you. If not then
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
Then after that pop this in Terminal sudo fc-cache -f -v
You should then be able to go to this site and pick emoji you want to use in YouTube, Twitter, in text documents, etc Bookmark the emojipedia page in Firefox.

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okay listen, the twemojis which i installed first are working on friwfox with colour, but are non colour in all the other apps, lemme try this one

Thank you sir!!!
What I did is opened that .deb file with software installer [ ubuntu software ] and removed it from there, now all the tabs and apps are showing the google emojis only, except firefox and thunderbird mail, but now I will use the sudo fc-cache -f -v and restart the laptop and see if they go, thnx very much sir!

firefox is still showing twemoji, letitbe, i dont use firefox, thnx very much mark @clatterfordslim

No worries @TypeHrishi