How to create a photo slideshow in Ubuntu 18.04

tl;dr - the hitch is that this will probably be shown on a windows machine.

with the above parameter in mind, a neighbor has had a death in the family and is trying to find someone to make a photo slideshow for the funeral in about 36 hours. i have done a quick search and will start working with shotwell as it is one of the methods mentioned in the link below. i am guessing that if i create a slideshow i may be able to convert it to a .wmv, but i just wanted to throw this question out to the community real quick like to see if anyone has a tried and trusted method.

as always, thanks in advance for any helpful responses :slight_smile:

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i should probably add that the slideshow will need to be put on removable media (cd or usb). i am not seeing a way to save the slideshow in shotwell so i am moving on.

photofilmstrip seemed to only do “Ken Burns”-esque transitions from photo to photo. interesting approach, but probably a little too much for a funeral.

i finally landed on imagination which seems fairly straight forward. it offers what seem like fairly standard transitions (or none) and can be exported as a dvd format vob file which hopefully will work on a windows machine.

I use Imagination to create my slideshows ( It is very easy to use.


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Ristretto, of XFCE fame (I believe), does slideshows as part of its normal function. All you need are images to display. I use it for this purpose in Mint and Raspbian. Cheers!

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thank you for the suggestion.

imagination was just what i was looking for. fairly straight forward interface with the ability to add music and transitions as well as save in many different formats that were playable on win10 (after adding the file extension). thank you for your help :slight_smile: