How to cure Network printing problems in Fedora Linux

Have used Fedora Linux from Version 14 onward. Up until I upgraded from Fedora 28 to Fedora 29 using DNF upgrade procedure, I could print from my Ethernet connected printer just fine. Once I upgraded I found that I was unable to print at all. I have a feeling it’s a problem with the CUPS server? I then upgraded to Fedora 30 still the same problem. I would really appreciate some insight into this…

Kind Regards sparky 70

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i just booted in a live usb and fedora found my wifi printer automatically. it would not print a test page initially so i had to add it again and the second one was able to print.

i also noticed that it listed the address as localhost and when i clicked on that, it openedy browser to the page localhost:631/admin. near the top of that page there is a printers tab where mine is listed, but also an administration tab that has options for adding, finding and managing printers.

You may well have seen this already - if not then perhaps the answer is to be found here. There are older postings on this, but I am not sure they would be of any help to you. This one came closest to it; Please will you let the community know how you get on with things and if you find a solution as it might help others and it will add the data base of knowledge we have on here. Thanks in advance for doing so.

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