How to divide computer network for Smart Home?

To my knowledge of the smart home, each tenant must be divided. Because the Smart Home is intelligent and automatic by IoT devices.
This may seem convenient, but you should consider security.

To divide computer network for each tenant, I will use open source for OS, Virtualization and 802.1q.

Above picture, explained what I think to divide network for Smart-Home.
I call it "Router Revolution’

1.Who have to use it?

  • Smart device user at home.

2.Where do you use it?

  • Most of broadband Internet users at home.

3.Why need it?

  • For protect home network.

Additional option is, I plan to provide wordpress and URL address for users by KVM Guest.
I hope to provided URL are appeared on Google Map.

As Smart-home solution, I plan to adopt OCF or SWOA.

All of my think is it.
I hope to discuss about my plan and Future Network with you.

I well come to hear your opinion.

I take it VLAN100 is disabled, as it’s the default management vlan.
Good to see your using IPv4 + NAT that’s an excellent security solution, don’t want those IPv6 [i]nternet[O]WNED[t}hing devices broadcasting to the world. In my own internal network all devices are IPv6 disabled. What distro’s are you planning using ?
I’d go with RHEL/centos or debian for the servers and fedora/Xubuntu/ubuntu for the desktops where possible.
You might also consider a DMZ and place a mail server there,

Thanks for your opinion.^^

For the distro’s, I plan to use Ubuntu.
I confirmed the possibility of “Router Revolution” in Ubuntu 16.04.
Next step is will be traffic testing

  • how much guest it can give
  • how much traffic can expropriate

For the e-mail service, I am thinking that will be on each KVM guest.
Each virtual guest include services are homepage, e-mail, traffic monitoring, OCF or SWOA.

Above picture explained to Future Home in my imagination.
I’m trying to realize on this picture.

I hope to understand what I say…