How to downgrade software

I upgraded Brave last week and apparently because of a Chromium issue you can no longer drag and drop, answer certain captcha, move tabs, reconnect tabs, etc.

This is what is being passed around as the solution…

sudo dnf downgrade brave-browser-1.33.106-1

After doing some searches I was getting a bit confused on how you do this Ubuntu.

Some posts said you had to uninstall … I stopped right there because Im not losing what I have.

Some said to do sudo apt-get install =

Some said to do sudo apt -t=<release ??? {version}> install

One said to just use sudo apt-get name and it would overwrite.

Ah, never mind!
I installed synaptic used the force version.
Everything is working now!
Wish I had thought of that before :smiley:

Looks like you solved it, but there is also
dpkg --force-downgrade

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