How to encrypt a dual boot setup with two drives (SSD)

Hi everyone! I successfully installed a completely independent dual boot setup on two SSDs on my MSI laptop. More information regarding that in the following link: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=375199&p=2185321#p2185321

After briefly wanting to triple boot another Linux, I decided to wait and just keep my dual boot setup for a while and don’t scatter myself.
But, as I increased my level of privacy and security (I came across at the beginning of the year…), I’ve been looking at encrypting my devices in case of a theft.
I did it with my Android phone and would like to do it with my dual boot setup.

My setup is as follows:

I have a dual boot setup with two drive (one for windows and one for linux).
Windows EFI is on the first Drive with Windows, Linux and Grub are on the other one. How can I turn on encryption for both OS without breaking anything ? Can I use erase disk and install Unbuntu safely like I did to get my dual boot setup ?

  • Can I upgrade from Win 11 family to Win 11 Pro and encrypt my Win drive completely without breaking anything?
  • Can I encrypt my Linux Mint setup even though I did not do it during the installation process?
  • Considering my completely independent setup, will it break anything? If so, why? I’m whiling to learn about how these pieces of hardware are booting, I’d like to know the how, and the why.

I came across a lot of answers that said Bitlocker made Grub unable to find the EFI partition of windows to boot or asked for two consecutive encryption passwords for booting into Windows.

But the way I would like to see things with my setup when I boot I would :

  • Either choose Linux, type in my encryption password and log in.
  • Or select Win 11, type in my encryption password and log in.

Is this a dream to do it as simply as encrypting windows, and then going into linux and encrypting it like during the Mint installation process? Thanks in advance! And make sure to have a wonderful day ^^

With two OS’s on separate disks, and with separate bootloaders, you should be able to do anything to either OS without affecting the other.
If you are unsure, unmount the disk that is not being used.

You do not say anything about backups.
I hope you have some sort of system backup to an external disk? If not make backups before you do anything.
Clonezilla is a simple tool to make backup images of all your disk partitions.


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I do not use encryption, but it would not surprise me if bitlocker would hide your Windows login.
If grub cannot find your Windows login, then you might try using EasyBCD, installed in Windows
and see if you can add your Linux login in Windows.
Encrypted or not, Windows is not going to natively find Linux, without third party intervention.

Hi there thanks for your answers. Yes, I do have a backup system in place with Macrium Reflect for Windows, and will use Timeshift alongside Backintime to backup my Linux setup.

I finally have found someone with the same setup as mine : Dual boot Windows + Linux with encryption - Super User

It worked for him, and your comments are encouraging. I will try all this in some time ! Thanks for your time !

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