How to get boot menu on Dell Latitude 7400 laptop

Hi I want to dump Microsoft 11 in my Dell Latitude 7400 but can’t get into the boot menu, what,s the trick ? I will be loading ubuntu 22.04. Thanks

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When you turn on the laptop do you not get the screen where it tells you get press F8 or F12 to stop the boot process?

Hi Ed, no nothing like that but I found out that when you repeatedly push F2 when powering up I get the boot info, it works, I am finishing the Ubuntu 22.04 installation now. Thanks for your input Ed.

I wonder why different manufacturers use a different Function key to stop the boot procedure. It would make technology easier on novices like me if more things were standardized and less arcane.

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I agree Ed, I recently bought a mini PC with windows in it and when I first started it right there in big letters it said what to do to access the boot menu, now that was really appreciated !

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The old way of interrupting the startup with bios keys stopped several years ago thanks to windows and Microsoft controlling the system.

The easiest way to boot from USB is to open the Advanced Startup Options by holding the Shift key when you choose the Restart option in the Start menu

But if you cannot start windows due to errors in the windows system
Use the power button on your computer to restart by holding it down for10 seconds, repeat this 3 times and windows will go into recovery advanced mode, from that under advanced options you can choose to boot to the usb